Program Overview

Anaheim Adult Day Care will serve adults who wish to be fully employed, adults that wish to be partially employed, and adults who chose not to work, but to remain active in their communities to any degree that they choose.

We work with participants to develop a Daily Plan of Care that best suits the needs of the individual and maximizes their abilities. Our curriculum consists of the following components:

  • Self-Advocacy: Focuses on developing skills needed to make meaningful decisions and the ability to communicate these decisions to others

  • Self-Care: Focuses on teaching participants the skills needed in order to gain greater independence in tending to one’s own needs

  • Communication Training: Participants with communication barriers are assisted in learning the appropriate communication systems and approaches (Picture Exchange Communication System, American Sign Language, etc.) deemed most appropriate for the individual.

  • Social Skills Training: Involves teaching participants the skills needed in order to appropriately interact with their peers as well as members of their community.

  • Physical Exercise: We offer informal exercise activities (basketball, dancing, aerobics, etc.), and are available to those who desire to and can participate.

  • Self-Management: Including Stress Management Groups, Anger Management Groups, One-to-One Crisis Counseling, Relaxation Training, and ways to recognize antecedents to maladaptive behaviors.

  • Vocational Activities: Include activities such as folding fliers, stuffing envelopes, facility maintenance, etc. On-Site paid employment is also offered for those who qualify.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: We collaborate with local community organizations to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for our participants.

All training and interventions are firmly founded in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques and principles.

Our philosophy is to support the needs of the individuals we serve by providing services that are highly individualized, focus on empowerment, self-advocacy, and community integration.

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